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d-Lenolate® Plus Supplement for Cold and Flu d-Lenolate® Plus Olive Leaf Extract for Flu & Common Cold

All-natural homeopathic olive leaf extract supplement for flu and sinus infection, 24 tablets, 685mg

Our Price: $15.95

Colds and flu are the most common problems associated with compromised immune systems, and while most commercial cold-flu remedies address only symptoms of these problems by masking them, our patented homeopathic flu prevention product, d-Lenolate Plus®, deals directly with the causes as well. This 100-percent all-natural flu prevention remedy is a combination of our patented olive leaf extract d-Lenolate and other active ingredients, such as neem leaf extract, an ancient remedy used in India to treat viral diseases.

While d-Lenolate Plus® assists in eliminating cold and flu symptoms such as headache, cough, stuffy nose and sore throat, it also works to eliminate the actual viruses that are the root cause of these problems. Safe for children at half the adult dose, the d-Lenolate component of this homeopathic remedy acts as an immune system booster to increase the body's natural immunity defenses. When considering cold and flu supplements that work in the prevention as well as the cure for these common ailments, you'll find d-Lenolate Plus the best cold remedy there is.