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Strengthen Your Immune System

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Understanding immune health basics is imperative to understanding health itself – and our FREE d-lenolate 8-page brochure (featured here) offers valuable information on how to improve your immune system through the use of some of the groundbreaking products developed here at East Park Research.

The human immune system is our protection against falling prey to countless harmful, disease-causing microorganisms that enter our bodies through environmental sources such as food, water and air. Stressful lives and lack of proper nutrition and exercise exacerbate the weakening of a healthy immune system, once capable of combating this influx of meddlesome pathogens. The d-Lenolate-based items found here are immunity enhancer formulas designed to strengthen your immune system. Whether as a general restorative to immune system health as in the d-Lenolate Super Immune Booster capsules, the added digestive aid of d-Lenolate combined with pure Aloe Vera or special-sized d-Lenolate capsules for children, these are the only olive leaf extracts made with our proprietary formulas and protected by patent #5,714,150. Place your order today – or reach out to us with any questions you may have.