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Olive Leaf Extract for Hair & Skin Care

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Skin and hair care issues can be some of the most stubborn ones. Every product on the shelf promises clear skin and shiny hair, but results are often underwhelming. The products available here with East Park Research are backed by actual medical evidence to ensure you’ll be more than satisfied.

When it comes to putting your best face forward, there is no better product than olive leaf extract for skin care. Our patented extraction process puts together the most potent d-Lenolate formula possible. Our olive leaf soap Cleansing Bar and d-Lenolate Topical formula are made to fix virtually any and every skin problem. The d-Lenolate penetrates deeply into the third layer of the skin, eliminating pathogens while healing and soothing irritation.

Our enriched hair care products use d-Lenolate’s power to heal dry scalp, brittle hair, split ends and oily buildup. The effectiveness of our products is clinically proven and scientifically backed. We know the key to thicker, fuller, more beautiful hair is d-Lenolate’s healing power.

East Park Research offers the best in natural skin care products and all-natural hair products. Forget the artificial chemicals and experience the difference olive leaf extract can make in your life today.