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We’re all plagued with something – be it chronic disease, weight woes, or skin and hair problems. Our conditions are different, but our desire to find the antidote is the same. At East Park Research, we can offer you the answer through our patented olive leaf extract product d-Lenolate. And we’re so confident, we’ve posted all the evidence right here.

Have you asked yourself: What is d-Lenolate? What are the olive leaf extract health benefits? If so, you’ll find the answers below in our collection of literature supporting the many olive leaf uses. Browse to find a wide range of olive leaf extract information, from the origin of d-Lenolate, to its healing and anti-aging benefits and its capacity to act as a natural supplement to help lose weight. All of our olive leaf extract information is backed by medical doctors with years of experience.

We understand that the unreliability of the conventional cosmetic industry has made you uncertain. We know we can provide you with the solution to your health problems. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself in the olive leaf extract information below.