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Olive Leaf Extract Immune Boosting Supplements

You'll find nearly two dozen immune boosting supplements and other preparations here based on the use of our patented olive leaf extract product d-Lenolate. This includes a variety of olive leaf extract capsules, such as the 100-percent natural 500 mg d-Lenolate Super Immune Booster, available in either a 60-capsule or 180-capsule supply.

Olive leaf extract liquid formulas include the 2-oz. d-Lenolate Serum used to dissolve pain in joints, neck & leg muscles, fingers, wrists, and hips. This formula helps reduce bursitis pain and pains associated with sprains and strains. Other olive leaf extract liquid products include the one-of-a-kind Oliverd'e® Hair Care Shampoo and Conditioner. These hair care products are a blend of all-natural ingredients, including olive leaf extract, witch hazel and plant proteins. They work to exfoliate follicles and help to promote growth of healthy hair.

Olive leaf pills come in the form of a breakthrough product called Bazucar®, which is an all-natural blood sugar level balance formula. It helps with the causes and symptoms of hypoglycemia.